Giving people a second chance to move on with their life

Devastating things can happen to anyone in a split second. Every person has the right to overcome misguided, unfortunate, life-changing decisions and even self-imposed dire situations.

For some individuals, it might be incompletion of high school, missing the opportunity to graduate or further their education. For other individuals, it might be career guidance, skill training and helping them make the right choices. Still others, may have faced family issues, marital, children, custody, legal or other issues. Ex offenders also find themselves trailing behind the competition due to lack of community integration or work experience, social issues that might hinder their chances of getting employment.  

While it is impossible to get those years back, there is help for people who want to make up for lost time and obtain the skills, qualifications, counseling, medical help and support they may need in order to restart life..

SECOND CHANCE works with the individual, determines his/her interests, skills, and plans, then offers career advice, life skills, encourages continued educational and/or specialized training when required and helps to get the client positively connected to family supports and the community.

Through connections, assessments, conversations and encouragement, we assess the individual's and/or family's situation and work to link them to the pro bono Specialists, that are unique to their needs including:

Mentoring and Counseling support

Rehabilitation for Substance Abuse

Teen Pregnancy support

Small Business Support

Life Skill Training

Bail program/Legal assistance

Housing, Shelter

Food, Clothing

Debt Solutions/Tax Clinic

Assistance during and following incarceration (individual and family)

Job search/re-entry support