My Transformation Began With a Second Chance

My Transformation began with a second chanceI am writing to express my thanks for all that Community Outreach has done for me through the Second Chance program. The unforeseen experience of the unexpected that hit me made me feel that the ground below my feet opened up and took me into a world of darkness. The very thought of the future was beyond imagination and with these thoughts, I experienced stressful, reckless, sleepless nights wondering how to cope up. There seemed to be no answers coming to me at all.

At this time of my life is where I got in touch and met the Community Outreach Specialist and had a one on one session with me. Listened and advised me accordingly. These sessions did build up my confidence and made me see things with a brighter side to my future.

Without Community Outreach, my future would not be possible. I sincerely would like to a say "THANK YOU", for all the help and support extended to me to start a new life.

Testimony C.P. 
Update July 2014 : Integrated C.P. back into the community. Holds CSR position with the company for past 10 months. Happily married and moving forward.