On the way to a promotion

ON THE WAY TO A PROMOTIONThank you to the staff at Community Outreach Canada-Second Chance. You have made my day. After working with this company for so many years and receiving minimum wage, I can now feel confident to approach my employer to ask for a higher wage.

Before this I was very unhappy with my employer who hired me 4 years ago after I volunteered with the company for 3 months.  I was happy at the time to just be employed. This happiness did not last too long as I was paid a wage but was unable to sustain myself and my children.  I had to take a second part time job. That contract did not last as the company wanted me to work late shifts which made it difficult to work the first job.  I quit.

I contacted the Second Chance program and was counselled by a Job Developer who gave me the guidelines and policies of  HRDC and my rights as an employee.  I am now able to renegotiate my wages with the owner and ask for a pay hike. This was not possible as I felt the company would terminate my services.  I want to thank the agency for helping me understand how to approach the employer and show them how much I have contributed to their company and would be willing to do much more if they honoured me with a pay raise.


Happy that I have been promoted to Supervisor.

July 20, 2016