Learning Canadian Culture

LEARNING CANADIAN CULTUREAs a new immigrant, I struggled to understand the Canadian culture and decided to re-educate myself with a Canadian degree in Social Services from George Brown College.  I was finding the accelerated course too much for me to understand and opted to get professional help.

It was during this time that I was introduced to Community Outreach Canada. They offered B.A.S.E. a professional tutoring program and monitored by tutoring offered by professional tutors. I scored high and passed. 

I was then introduced to another Corporate Coaching program with a corporate company. The Manager from the company has been mentoring me for the past 8 weeks. I am one of a group of ten that has been selected to complete this program. The Manager has talked to me about Canadian culture, how to dress, how to communicate, how to present at interviews and what to expect. I received a set of free corporate clothing, shoes and accessories. After completing coaching, I will get ready for a full-time job.

I am looking forward to applying my social service skills to get into the corporate or non-profit sector. I am looking forward to my family getting a better life here in Canada. I am looking forward to a financial breakthrough.

Testimonial: C.T
Mar 30, 2016:  Coaching and Mentorship, Professional Tutoring, Employment and ongoing support.
Hoping this is my year of favor