Starting My Own Business - I Am Excited

A SHATTERED DREAMWhen life behind closed doors becomes a nightmare, I have only myself to blame.  I grew up in a home that had abuse written on the walls. Fearful and depressed, I thought moving out of the family home would seem better but a world outside is a cruel place. There is no rest. No peace. No joy. No hope until you find someone who can understand and listen and tell you its okay. There is no greater feeling than to be loved by a stranger. I am getting to know the staff at Second Chance.
Now I feel hope, I feel joy. I am excited. In a few days, I get into a training program with the organization to start my own business. A Second Chance I never thought would ever come my way. I'm beginning to dream.

Testimonial: M.S.
Oct 15,2015:  Self Employment, Housing, Counselling
Grateful for the positive words spoken over me.