A Life Of Alcohol And Drugs

A LIFE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGSAs a child I felt rejected and all alone. Boys and then men were a big part of my social lifestyle. I had children but could never be a mother to them and CAS was there to take them away; never understanding the pain inside. Slowly I got  hooked on alcohol and very soon found myself in the company of others that did a combination of alcohol and drugs. My life a spiraling nightmare. Then I met another guy, who made it even worse. There was physical abuse and it didn't make things any better for myself because I became angry and bitter inside; at life, for not having the things that others had, emptiness, broke. Then there was theft and incarceration. But a day before jail I met someone from the Second Chance program. I was offered the mentorship program. Days passed, a week and then 3 weeks and could see myself getting better, stronger and ready to start anew. I had to walk away from my past, if I was going to get better. I was offered counseling and so much was revealed from within. The journey is not over but the road is no longer a dark one. I am a beautiful person and I thank God for a Second Chance.

Testimonial: A.H
Mar 31, 2015 - Very Grateful for the little things.