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Mornelle Allstars Safe Walk Program

safewalkProgram Description:

  • The Safe Walk Program is a program developed to ensure students of Military Trail Public School arrive to and from school safely every day.
  • The Safe Walk Program was launched in 2010 but has been running since 2009 in response to two significant shootings in the same summer of 2008.
  • Adult volunteers of Safe Walk escort children and youth from the lobby of the residential buildings to school very morning and from school to their residential buildings every afternoon.
  • The Toronto Police Service 43 Division provides occasional on-site support by actively participating in Safe walk Program.
  • The maximum capacity of the Safe Walk Program is 5 students per 1 adult, as per the Child Care and Early Years Act (2014).
  • The volunteers follow a pre-determined route to pick students up from their respective buildings and drop students off following the same route.
  • Many of the children and youth registered in the Safe Walk Program also attend the Afterschool Program in which case students will be walked from school directly to the Afterschool Program in the afternoon.
  • Adult volunteers of the Safe Walk Program have completed training in First Aid and CPR, Children?s Aid Society?s Duty To Report, Conflict Management and Resolution, and have undergone a Criminal Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening.

safewalk3Target Population:

  • Students at Military Trail Public School, Grade 1 through Grade 8.
  • Includes ages 6 to 13.

Time Frame of Program:

  • The Safe Walk Program operates twice per day.
  • The morning Safe Walk Program begins at 8:00 AM where adult volunteers follow a pre-determined route to pick students up from the lobbies of their residential buildings in Mornelle Court and walk them to Military Trail Public School by 8:45 AM.
  • The afternoon Safe Walk Program begins at 3:00 PM where adult volunteers pick students up from school and walk them to Mornelle Court. Depending on whether the student is also registered with the Mornelle Allstars Afterschool Program, students will either be walked back to the lobbies of their residential building or directly to the Afterschool Program which starts at 3:45 PM.

Mornelle Allstars After School Program

afterschoolprogramMornelle Court All Stars after school program will enable children get active, gain confidence, do better in school and develop healthy eating habits which help to decrease childhood obesity, and youth violence. The proposed program will provide approximately two hours of afterschool programing for four days a week and serve children of 6yrs to 14yrs age group. The activities would be helping kids in reading skills, homework help, and other creative activities.

After the school day ends, students continuing in afterschool activities will first receive a nutritional snack and there is a soup program. After the program some parents came to pick up their children and those who do not show up there is another after school safe walk to drop them at their respective apartments. Mornelle All Stars know the children are the future and creating a strong community will allow them to become leaders of tomorrow. An interactive safe community is the foundation for a larger social impact.


Professor from university of Toronto who connects Mornelle Court AllStars with student volunteers who act as mentors during home work program. Toronto Police have also been involved the Mornelle Court providing safety information to the community and participating in community events. They have also partnered with other agencies that provide support from time to time.

Details of After School Program

  • After School Program operates four days a week.
  • Program starts at 03.45 pm and ends at 6.00 pm.
  • After School Program includes also snack and soup program.
  • After the program there is another Safe Walk Program for those whose parents cannot show up to pick their children.

Target Population

Students from Military Trail Public School

Serves children of ages 6 to 13

Mornelle Allstars Summer Camp and PA Days (extended program)

Program Description:

Summer camp program that provides children ages 6 to 13 a 5 hour a day program during the summer with age appropriate activities such as sports and recreation, games, arts and crafts. The program runs 5 days a week long summer for at least 80 children. Student registration is offered to all members of the community.

PA Day is once a month and serves children of age 5 to 12 a 5 hour day program with fun activities. Children are served with snacks and pizza lunch.

Target Population:

  • Residents in seven apartment buildings at Mornelle Court community.
  • Students 6 to 13 years of age.

Time Frame of Program:

           8:30am to 4:30pm.


  • Community Outreach Canada/ Second Chance
    (Service Provider and Partner. Operational and Budget overview along with in-kind contribution. Staffing and leadership support).
  • Police Department - 43 Division
    (Safety and support with Safe Walk Children and Youth)
  • City Councilor Office
    (Community Support and Supplies)
  • St. Thomas
    (Students that volunteer hours)
  • TCHC
    (90 Mornelle Court Community Hub - Space at no cost. Offers various other in house supports)

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